Welcome! I'm one of the cofounders and CTO of EggStage Inc. We're reimagining forums for modern mobile usage with a focus on selfie-videos: Murmur. So think Reddit, but for selfie videos.

I'm also a singer-songwriter and classical guitarist performing and recording actively in the Bay Area. My music draws from a wide array of influences, ranging from Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell to György Ligeti and John Cage. My goal is to invoke beautiful moments of music and lyric that explore the fine line between depth and accessibility.

To me, programming and music are just different media, business and art different frameworks, for making an impact.

I hope to use this page to share music, provide information on upcoming performances, and share reflections on life, business, technology, and music.


Debut E.P Shades (2014)
Available on BandCamp